Doctors You Can Trust

Dr. Devin Brossard


Excellence and optimal function is the result of being able to fully adapt to challenges. 

After graduating from the prestigous Palmer Chiropractic College in 2012, my wife Chelsea, and I moved to Arlington Washington to start Symmetry Chiropractic Wellness Center.

Since moving to Arlington, I have become an intrical part of this community through service and is humbled to now have an incredible team that is commited to making the next generation better.  Understanding that healthy people make the world a better place, our team has committed to one simple mission: work tirelessly to create a community that is fully tapped into the innate ability God puts into each one of us. By doing so we can maintain health in the way we were created to. At every age and in every stage we earn our patient’s trust as thier primary healthcare providers. We provide thorough, individualized care that enables the physical body to adapt to all of life’s challenges and embody true health.





Dr. Drew Ronchak


My passion for health and healing came when I was in high school. I was diagnosed with lyme disease at the age of 17. After a short and scary stint where my sister and I were both hospitalized with two separate conditions at the same time my parents decided to take charge of our health. She brought us to a naturopathic clinic that incorporated homeopathic medicine and chiropractic. It was there that I first learned about the amazing healing capacity of the body. This innate God given ability to heal not only helped me further heal from lyme disease but helped me to put on 20 pounds of muscle in 1 week. Through chiropractic I have seen many miracles like this, and that sparked my interest enough to pursue Chiropractic College. My interest was further solidified when I had a near complete tear of a ligament in the ankle. I didn’t even think to go to the chiropractor despite all the amazing things I had seen it do. After getting my ankle adjusted I no longer needed crutches to walk and my ankle could heal in its proper alignment. I feel blessed to participate in such a life altering profession.

Much like Dr. Brossard, I studied rigorously for 3 years at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. This is the fountainhead of chiropractic, and where it all started. I spent much of my free time studying techniques that I could use to help my patients. I studied, into great depth, areas such as the upper cervical spine and extremities. I am passionate about keeping people doing what they love for their whole life.

In my free time you can find me scaling rock walls, and hiking to alpine lakes where I am never scared to jump in for an icy dip. I love just about any adrenaline activity though. From mountain biking to brisk walking, living life on the edge is where I’ll be. I look forward to seeing all you in the clinic and keeping you healthy and doing the things you love!

Dr. Patrick Gorrell



I truly believe that I was called to serve in my life. From a young age, I have always felt my best when I was helping others. When I found chiropractic, initially as a patient following a broken femur, I found an outlet that allowed me to work hands on with people and that has given me the opportunity to make deep lasting connections. We were all born to be healthy, and there is nothing more fulfilling to me than walking alongside others on their wellness journey.
I was born and raised in the wild and wonderful West Virginia. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Physiology with a minor in Behavioral Psychology from West Virginia University, I continued my education at Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Florida. From there, I was fortunate to receive a Doctor of Chiropractic position in the greater Seattle area, where I worked for three years.
It is my goal as a Chiropractor to lead alongside patients. To walk with them, rather than pulling or pushing them. To keep their ‘why’ in the forefront of my mind. My favorite populations to work with are those that I feel are generally under-served in different ways. I believe that the level of health that chiropractic care brings should be accessible to everyone. Specifically, kids, pregnant moms, and those suffering from substance abuse.
No matter what life hands you, whether it is health concerns, pregnancy, injury, trauma, addiction, or a cognitive difference, we were all born to be healthy. Your innate intelligence can thrive and should be fully expressed. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your community!

Dr. Evan Strahl



I was born and raised in a family that could always be found at the lake, at sporting events, or hiking together in the woods. My life revolved around athletics and competition until an injury seriously impacted my life by putting a halt to several college sports recruiting opportunities. This injury was mishandled, and I was told I would never run or play sports again. I refused to accept that prognosis, and decided to take it on myself to change my own outcome and made it my life’s goal to help others who found themselves in similar situations.
I started my education studying Clinical Exercise Science, then became a personal trainer and worked as a strength and conditioning coach for a national champion football team and coached for a private sports performance institute. During this time, I was inspired and honored to work alongside many world-renowned coaches and mentors. Simultaneously, while under Chiropractic care I became increasingly fascinated by the idea of preventative healthcare, and soon realized that Chiropractic would be the ideal career; a career that would allow me to meet the goals of helping people express the healthiest version of themselves.
 While at Palmer Chiropractic College, I was privileged to work in the rehabilitation department, became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, and attained advanced certifications in a variety of Chiropractic techniques and nutrition.
It has been an amazing journey since being told I could never run or play sports again to now playing Rugby and football in college, and holding records in cage fighting, strongman, and powerlifting competitions. Even better, I have had the awesome privilege of helping many others improve their lives- from helping a grandparent be able to lift their grandchild, providing students with a competitive edge in sports, or helping world-record powerlifters achieve those goals. It is an honor to continue this legacy of service to others at Symmetry Chiropractic Wellness Center.