Fantastic Chiropractic Service!

A few weeks ago when I was not feeling well due to horrific migraines that I have been struggling with for years, I have not been able to find a cure until now. I have been seeing the chiropractor since I was about 14 years old and just started going to a new Dr. this past month and because of that, I am feeling SO much better and my migraines have decreased as well as the severity of them. My back pain has gone down and my neck is no longing in burning pain. Symmetry Chiropractic in Smokey Point is seriously the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Awesome atmosphere as well as an awesome doctor. They will make you feel right at home!! ???? I have never felt SO great. Need a change in life or an adjustment for a sore back, neck, migraines, etc? Dr. Devin Brossard is the way to go!!


Life changing

I went to school with Devin at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  About a year into the program, I began noticing SI joint pain that was continuously getting worse. It got to the point where I was in constant pain and had shooting pain down my left thigh every time I took a step.  I saw a number of staff doctors all trying to figure out why I was in so much pain with nothing seeming to help.  We tried a variety of different adjusting techniques as well as a number of different exams and x-rays to find anything that could be contributing or causing my pain with everything either making it worse or not helping at all.

I was miserable and in constant pain and was now being told that I was causing my pain because I worked out too much.  Thankfully, one day while I was casually talking to Devin the subject had come up and we discussed everything that had already been tried and the lack of results.  Devin suggested I tried a specific technique S.O.T. because he thought I sounded like a classic case and really thought it would help.  My initial thought was “I have nothing to lose so I might as well.”  I’ve never been so thankful for listening to someone in my life.  After my first visit with him, I was able to walk without any shooting pain and only mild SI discomfort!  The pain continued to dissipate with each additional visit and became nonexistent.  I am happy to say I am able to workout without any discomfort and SI pain is no longer an issue for me!


Dana S.

Hard Work Pays Off!

Devin was my personal trainer at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  He was tough, but fair.  He pushed me to try harder and convinced me that I had the strength to get it done.  He would always compliment my efforts and made sure I knew that he was proud of what I had achieved.  He helped me to reach my weight loss goal by my target date.  Although Devin has now graduated and moved on (Congrats, DR. Broussard!), he left me with the training and knowledge to keep me fit for a lifetime.  Thanks, Doc.

Nina B.

Great chiropractic care

I had the pleasure of being worked on by Devin here at Palmer during his 9th and 10th tri’s.  He was very friendly and used a great technique.  He is always up beat and always has a friendly smile on his face.  I felt great everytime that I got adjusted by him and when he trained me in the gym.  I owe a great amount to Devin for his hard work and dedication to make people live there life better.  I am sure doing this now after having him help me with my health.


Great technique for runners!

I have been routinely seeing chiropractors for the last four years. For over a year, I was having a constant dull back pain. My team of chiros tried everything and could never fully clear up the problem. The first week under Dr. Brossard, my back pain was gone. I transferred to be under his care and technique right away. If he still lived here, I would continue to be seen under his care. Although, he’s gone, I still visit chiropractors under the SOT technique, because it has been so successful for me.

I am a runner and live an active lifestyle. Dr. Brossard was able to help me out with all the other issues that came along with that. From knee weakness to nutrition issues, he would clear up any problems right away. With his level of fitness and previous experience, he gives great fitness advice as well and truly understands wellness.

I highly recommend Dr. Brossard. He is very confident in his practice, which is very reassuring as his patient. Additionally, he went to the GREATEST chiropractic school in the world, Palmer College of Chiropractic. You can’t pass up a Palmer Grad! = )


Active Mom who needed a good Chiropractor.

A pregnant woman in her 2nd trimester is walking in Chicago with her 3-year-old daughter. She’s had some minor hip pains, but nothing major- nothing that would keep her from enjoying a few miles of walking in downtown Chicago.  It was nothing out of the norm for this very active mom. Just over a mile into their walk, she feels her hips tightening and the simple act of walking quickly becomes a painful burden.  She tries to walk through it, after all, she brought her daughter all this way to enjoy the Shedd Aquarium.  The day comes to a close and the pain has only gotten worse.  The walk back to the train is nearly impossible.  In tears, she calls the number on a business card she recently received in a yoga class… a chiropractor.

This woman was me.  After a year of chiropractic care, my hips and pelvic girdle improved… but never completely resolved.  Until I finally saw Dr. Brossard.  To me, he was Devin, before the official graduation. =)  And I can’t tell you how wonderful his care was.  It was nothing shy of complete and thorough care.  Not only did he use techniques that were integrated in my personal needs as a patient, but he also educated me on personal health, fitness and nutrition.  I received the full scope of healthy living through phenomenal chiropractic care with Dr. Brossard, and I was a new Mom!

As I continue my own education as a Chiropractor, I hope to meet his level of care one day.  Dr. Brossard is talented, well-educated and informed, and truly cares about the overall health of his patients.  Anyone who walks in his office will be in the best hands that Chiropractic can offer. =)


No Longer Feeling Like a Mid-50’s Female!

Before I met Dr. Devin Brossard, I was a woman in her mid 50’s experiencing all the midlife “stuff” and hating it! I also had chronic neck pain accompanied with low back pain not to mention my energy level was diminishing.

Dr. Brossard recommended a specific plan to improve my health and life style. Under his care and supervision, his adjusting technique and attention to total body wellness not only improved my physical health but also my mental health!

Dr. Brossard’s lifelong commitment to learning and genuine personal consideration guarantees the provision of succesful individualized patient care. He is a true example of providing amazing service through the field of chiropractic including health assessment, management of patient health care needs, and advancing the understanding of chiropractic.

Did I say I was a woman in her mid 50’s and hating it?! Not any more…thank you Dr. Brossard! Thank you for the obvious changes in my attitude. Thank you for the obvious changes in my energy level. Thank you for the obvious changes in my health. And thank you for empowering me to be the person I can and want to be for myself and the others I love!